Happy Birthday, Daddy

My dad was truly an amazing person. He was the life of every party, the captain of every team, the sunshine on a cloudy day, the tickle monster when in a grumpy mood. He made every guest and every relative feel so at home in his house. He was the most generous and selfless man I had ever met in my life. My dad never forgot anyone’s birthday or anniversary. He was a best friend to many people and always helping others. He never showed his pain while going through chemotherapy. He was always smiling, whether it was during the economic recession or the day he was admitted to the hospital he was making some sort of joke. He made his last joke within the last hour of his life. His last words were thank you.

So, thank you dad. Thank you for teaching me everything important in life. Whenever I would fail a test, you would actually laugh at me and say, “Let’s make a bet on you failing the next one.” Thank you for showing the importance of hope and positivity. Thank you for hiding your pain during the last month of your life to make it easier for your friends and family. Thank you for the being such a caring husband, brother, and son. Thank you for being the greatest dad any little girl could ever ask for.  Thank you for being my hero. Thank you for leaving your legacy, and I promise I will live by it now. And, Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to the man who inspired this blog!

Happy birthday to the man who inspired this blog!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Daddy

  1. Happy Birthday Raju !!! We miss you all so much. Thank you for the joy of family, togtherness and laughter you brought into our lives. Samira, as I read your post, with every quality of the nature of your Dad that you spoke to, so many many instances of each of those flashed through my mind and I smiled from ear to ear with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful piece of writing Samira. Thank you to you and your mom and your sister.

  2. Samira, what a beautiful message about your dad on his birthday. You captured his essence completely. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    Archana Didi

  3. Thank you Samira for reminding us of his continuing significance in our lives. He is someone we all can and should learn from. Love you so much for writing this!

  4. Samira,
    This was so beautiful. And true. When I came to visit your family with Joy a couple years ago, I loved your family (especially Duke) and I remember that your dad was so kind and caring. This website was an amazing idea and I hope it helps you with the grieving process.
    You’re welcome in SD anytime 🙂

    Anna Lep

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