Happy Birthday, Daddy: Part Three

Dear Dad,

Happy birthday! I miss you… I miss you so much every single day. Your birthday has always been an emotional day for me because it reminds me of your amazing personality and how much I want you back in my life. Around this time of year I can feel my broken heart.


I really want you to know that I’m finally happy (or at least getting there). I tried so hard these past couple of years to be happy for you, but now I’m happy for me. I feel like I’m focusing on my life and my future finally. I’m living for me. In the past few years I felt like everything I was doing, I was doing for you and now in the past few months, everything I do, I do for me. Of course I always have you in the back of my mind in all my actions and thoughts and of course I miss you deeply, but I also really missed myself during these past few years. The part of me that died with you is finally coming alive again, and that is my birthday present to you. I know this is what you would have wanted. I can’t wait to see you again, happy birthday!




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