Great American Smokeout

Today is the Great American Smokeout, which was started by the American Cancer Society! The Great American Smokeout is a day where those who smoke, are pushed to take the next steps to quitting. As mentioned in my previous blog post, smoking increases the risk of being diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Smoking also harms those around the smoker through second-hand smoking.

This year, I was blessed to be able to participate in the Great American Smokeout. Students spread themselves out through the central area of campus and held up facts about smoking. It was apparent that such a small gesture made a positive impact on campus.

"Quitting smoking decreases my risk of lung cancer."

“Quitting smoking decreases my risk of lung disease.”

I strongly recommend sharing this post (and the previous post) with those who smoke or with those who have a smoker in their family. Quitting this terrible habit for even one day will benefit the smoker’s body immensely. Happy Great American Smokeout Day!

For more information about the Great American Smokeout visit:

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