What Another Death in my Dad’s Family Did to Me

In the last few months, I lost three grandparents. Within 8 days in August, I lost two of my grandparents (https://copingwithcancer.org/2016/10/24/what-losing-two-grandparents-within-8-days-after-losing-a-parent-taught-me/). Days before Thanksgiving, my other grandmother passed away – my dad’s mom. My dad’s mom was always the light of my life. I saw so much of my dad in her — their contagious smiles, their¬†unconditional love for our family, and their warm and gentle hearts. After I found out she wasn’t doing too well and was admitted to the hospital, I immediately felt my heart sink. A few days later, she passed away. Initially, I felt numb and I felt like another part of my dad was gone. Of course, this isn’t true… but that is how I felt and still feel. I fully understand that at the age I am, grandparents are bound to naturally deteriorate and get sick. I also fully understand that this part of life. I wish I could have seen my dad’s parents one last time and get a few more favorite stories of my dad before they had to go. Although I feel so much heartbreak, I now know that I have three more guardian angels looking down at me, always and forever.

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