Happy Birthday, Dad <3

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! Today is my favorite day of the year because I get to celebrate your amazing soul. Each year that passes, I still find myself missing you more and more. Sometimes I still find myself drowning in grief. I crave your voice and laughter so much. I crave a big hug from you. I crave so much more; I have so much to tell you. I want to tell you all about my adulthood; however, I do constantly feel your presence. I feel you looking over me and feel you secretly guiding me. Sometimes when I listen to my gut, I feel like I’m listening to you. I know you will always be guiding me and always be my guardian angel. I still feel like the luckiest girl to have had you as my dad. I have nothing but gratitude for the time we had together and for the lessons you continue to teach me from heaven.

I love and miss you more than anything. I will see you in another lifetime. Happy happy happy birthday! ❤

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